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If you have any questions, please contact richmonaco@live.de

1. When did you start drawing clothes?
    Well, I don't know when exactly, I started to draw it while boring lessons. Maybe some of my  
    classmates can remember. I had so much fun so I decided to make a blog. I want to keep my    
    sketches, because I want to improve them. I know my drawings are not perfect, but I am still in 
    the beginning. I hope I will learn much and getting  better from sketch to sketch.

2. Do you like fur and would you use it for your clothes?

3. You don't use many colors, why?
    That's right. I prefer the colors black, white, grey and beige. I think these colors fit with everything, they look 
    very elegant. I love the classic look.

4. Why do you have exactly these impressions?
    I love the colors, especially silver and gold and I will put in things like silver fox fur or chains into my sketches.

5. What do you think of organizations like PETA?
    Well, I respect people who campaign for things that are important for them and I somehow can understand 
    it. But it won't change my view of thinking.